I am seeking re-election to the Albany County Legislature, as your representative in Election District #33. I have enjoyed serving my constituents in the County legislature since 2016 and want to continue the positive changes that I and others have been able to achieve in our efforts to bring reform to County government.  I pledge to work for stronger ethical governance policies, greater transparency, and voter choice on all County Charter Review Commission recommendations.

Furthermore, as I have done on the Bethlehem Town Board, and in the Albany County Legislature, I will continue to work for a sustainable economic future based on innovation, renewable energy, efficiency, environmental stewardship and preservation of community character.  With the support and input of district voters, I’ll build on my legislative experience and professional expertise in energy, utilities and environmental matters to address issues that are important to the residents of Bethlehem and New Scotland.

If re-elected, I will serve with both humility and dedication.  I will be beholden to no special interests and will strive to represent the citizens of District 33 as the public servant that I have been my entire professional career.

Please explore my website to learn more about me, the issues we face, and my platform.